Meet entrepreneur David Albanese. He is a lifelong entrepreneur and businessman, based in the Los Angeles area. David also serves as a social media marketing and lead generation expert, business consultant, speaker and as a business coach for new entrepreneurs and real estate professionals who are in search of success. In more recent years, he’s gotten increasingly involved in social media marketing and online lead generation — an area where he has extensive expertise.

An entrepreneur since childhood, David Albanese is constantly on the lookout for new business and lead generation opportunities.

“I grew up in the Los Angeles area — in the hard part of town. We moved a few times and ultimately, we ended up in Ventura County,” David explained.

Even as a youngster, he was eager to seize new business opportunities. By the time he was 16, David had his own mini ice cream cart empire, overseeing three employees and running four ice cream carts — quite an entrepreneurial accomplishment for someone so young.

Entrepreneur David Albanese sought out new money-making endeavors, from selling electronics at swap meets and even working at an auto body repair shop. “I think much of my entrepreneurial spirit comes from my parents. My dad died when I was just two years old, but he owned several nurseries in the LA area, while my mom was always hosting yard sales and so forth, making it happen.” By the time 2005 rolled around, David found himself involved in the real estate and mortgage lending industry. But it wasn’t an easy start. “During my first year in the real estate industry, I didn’t close a single deal. I was broke. I was going to thrift stores to buy a dress shirt and doing odd jobs on the side in order to make ends meet,” he explained. But then, his luck turned and everything fell into place.


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David Albanese

David Albanese


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